Websites vs. Apps

Published by: Gravity Affect

Apps are most certainly better than websites…as long their accessible.   1) Some mobile devices do not support apps, 2) 87% people PREFER accessing a brand through a website, and 3) ONLY 4% prefer using an app over website.

There are development considerations to be made as well.  Applications are an investment.  Not to say that websites aren’t, however simple mistakes, such as spelling like Mitt Romney’s ‘Amercia’, are not easily fixed due to corrections having to be made for all devices and all users having to download the updated version.  With a website, updates can be made relatively quickly and across all platforms with no requirement on the end-user.

Applications provide users with a better experience, allow brands to really convey their brand message and give users something they can use on an on-going basis.

So which is better?  Our answer is both.

Mobile Website vs. Apps

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