Digital Mediocrity: Creativity Apathy

Published by: Gravity Affect

Although dynamic programming  and rich media development, such as HTML5, AJAX and Flash, can be a bit a of work, we believe that it’s well worth the investment.  Websites are essentially digital offices.  Creating a great consumer experience for your website, on both desktops and devices, is vital.

In today’s digital society, it’s just a shame to see websites that are sub par.  And there’s a real sense of disappointment when arriving to a website that looks like it was made in Windows FrontPage.  There’s an old saying that goes ‘Your car reflects you”.  Well, the state of your website reflects your business.

Some would say that they don’t like Flash…WHY?  Although it may not show up on devices and works fine for desktops.  Also, technically speaking Flash is better in several ways, which we won’t discus in this article.

Now if you’re only making a HTML website to shortcut view-ability on devices, well that’s an entirely different conversation as well.  Businesses should have an experience for devices separate from desktops, just like a clothing store would have separate clothing for adults then they would for children.  1 size doesn’t fit all in both scenarios.  It simply doesn’t look right.

Simply put, people like nice things.  Why not build a web portal that reflects the amazing services and products your business offers?  And the cost may not be as bad as you think, especially considering that your website is the face of your business on the stage of the world – the worldwide web.  #JustSaying…

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