Are Destop Websites Obsolete?

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ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Although mobile technology is growing at a healthy pace, close to 90% of of all global internet usage is represented by desktops.  The transition from traditional desktop websites to mobile sites and apps will not happen overnight, especially considering that desktops are still the leading platform for day-to-day business operations.

Desktop websites have the advantage over mobile’s fast past growth.  Desktop computers have much larger screens, offer more screen display real estate, furthermore navigation and multi-window browsing which are more desirable than what’s currently available through tiny little mobile devices.

Also, desktop computers allow a vast number of input devices, such as keyboards, endless USB inputs, and for those who still can’t figure out touch screen navigation…a mouse!  Leading usability consultant, Jakob Nielsen, points out in his Transmedia Design article, that desktop computer’s have 4 additional advantages which will hold for at least another decade:

  1. Faster Bandwidth
  2. Hardware Upgrades Such as Faster Processor and More Memory
  3. Software Maturity
  4. Printing – The Paperless Office is a Myth; Hardcopies are Still Preferred.

Other important facts are the use of desktop websites for e-commerce, business-to-business (B2B) outreach, and FLASH!  Some of the best things on the worldwide web are flash, including games.

Be faithful to desktop website development.  Tell your brand’s story through transmedia and focus on strengthening the foundation of your brand’s online presence through robust backend systems that streamline the process of interactive communication.  Transitioning to mobile technology is important, however being apprehensive in thinking it’s the only way to go is a bit of a stretch.

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